Boyds Bears Plush ARIELLA IN BASKET Angel Christmas Star Teddy Bear 4014707




Boyds Bears Plush Ariella In Basket Christmas Teddy Bear

Size: 7.75 Inches
Material: Fabric
Type: Christmas Teddy Bear
Brand: Boyds Bears Plush
Item Number: Boyds Bears Plush 4014707
Catalog ID: 7264

New In Box. Fashion Family Collection. 2009 Introduction. Retired. White Angel Bear With Gold Halo, White And Gold Wings Sitting In Light Brown Basket. Basket Has Gold Ribbon Around The Top With White And Gold Star Hanging From Ribbon. Pine Branches With Gold Berries In Basket.. Measures: 7.75 In. H X 6.5 In. W X 5.25 In. D.

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