Boyds Bears Resin MIA THE SAVE Resin Soccer Dollstone 3549 RFB


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Boyds Bears Resin Mia The Save Figurine

Height: 3 Inches
Material: Resin
Type: Figurine
Brand: Boyds Bears Resin
Item Number: Boyds Bears Resin 3549 RFB
Catalog ID: 11058

New In Box. Dollstone Collection. The I Wanna Be Series – No.15. 1999 Introduction. Retired. Dedicated To The Soccer Moms And Their Fleet Footed Daughters Who Are Kicking It All Over Town…This Gal Is A Future Champeen In Her Chosen Field. Our Junior Athlete Is A Real Hard-Playin’ Gal Who Adores Her Sport. Her Knees Might Be Skinned And Her Uniform A Mess…But She’s Out There To Play, Not To Look Pretty…She’ll Make That Save No Matter What It Takes. You Go, Girl!. Limited edition collectible. Boyds Bears hand painted, cast resin figurines are sculptural interpretations of Boyds plush bears.

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