Habersham Candles OH SNAP! GINGER PERSONAL VESSEL Home Flameless Fgwxpt0267




Habersham Candles Oh Snap! Ginger Personal Vessel Flameless Candles

Size: 1.75 Inches
Material: Wax
Product Category: Flameless Candles
Brand: Habersham Candles
Item Number: Habersham Candles FGWXPT0267
Catalog ID: 42512

New. Home Fragrance Without A Flame. Fresh From The Oven, Spicy And Sweet Just Baked Ginger Bread Cookies. Richly Fragranced Quality Wax Pottery Vessels. Do Not Place Wax Pottery Pieces Directly On Finished Wood, Painted Surfaces Or Fabric. Measures: 1.75 In. H X 5.5 In. W X 5.5 In. D.

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