Handbags POCKETTES BROWN Fabric Extra Storage Purse 9600




Handbags Pockettes Brown Handbag / Tote

Height: 5 Inches
Material: Fabric
Type: Handbag / Tote
Brand: Handbags
Item Number: Handbags 9600
Catalog ID: 15239

New. Give Your Pocketless Classic Shells Some Storage On The Ends With Pockettes. Slip The Sturdy Nylon/Polyester Lace-Patterned Netted Fabric Over Your Classic Base Bag Before Adding A Flat-Sided Shell. Built-In Faux Leather End Pockets Now Give Your Bag That Extra Extra Storage. 5.0 In. H X 11.5 In. W X 4.0 In. D.

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