Home & Garden Small Cake Sampler Set / 4 Bird Feeding Cardinals Wren 410*910*210*110Gs




Feed The Birds, They’re Hungry! This Set Of 4 Contains Replacement Small Feed Cakes. 1 – Bug, Nuts, And Fruit Which Is A Delectable Feast For An Amazing Variety Of Wild Birds Containing Pecans, Cranberries, Loads Of Mealworms, And More! 1 – Golden Safflower Which Is This 100% Seed Block Is Excellent For Squirrel Prone Areas, As Squirrels Generally Don�T Like Safflower. These Blocks Are Preferred By Cardinals, Grosbeaks And More, While Grackles, Sparrows, And Starlings Generally Don�T Like Safflower. 1 – Flaming Hot Which Is Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts, Golden Safflower, And Mealworms With A �Kick� Of Hot Pepper. Birds Love It, Squirrels Hate It! 1 – Woodpecker Feast Contains Seed, Nut, And Fruit Cake Is Loved By Woodpeckers And Many More Beautiful Birds.

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