Home & Garden Wild Woodpecker Bugs Nuts Bird Feed Nature Animal 928*428*128


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Large Size Means These Cylinder Will Last For Days And Days, No More Running Out To Refill The Feeders Constantly. Many Species Of Woodpecker Absolutely Love Mr. Birds Woodpecker Feast. Red-Bellied, Downy, Hairy, Golden-Fronted, Red Headed And Even Pileated Woodpeckers Will Feed From This Blend. An Amazing Variety Of Birds Visit The Wildbird Feast. In Addition To The Regular Feeder Birds Such As; Cardinals, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Finches, And Titmice, We Have Reports Of Various Warblers, Wrens, Kinglets, Mockingbirds, And Even Bluebirds Eating These Cylinders. No Waste, No Mess, Never Melt. The Bugs Nuts And Fruit Formula Is Sure To Attract Your Favorite Feathered Friends With It�S A Fantastic Blend Of Mealworms, Pecans, Sunflower Hearts, Raisins, And Cranberries.

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